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Fundamentals of Psychological Flexibility. Mini Course

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Looking to learn about Psychological Flexibility? In this mini course, we'll explore the Fundamentals of Psychological Flexibility, and how you can use this framework to improve your life.

You can find a similar course every month inside the Self-Care Program.🤩
+ weekly dated 18-pages self-care planner
+ weekly dated self-care check-in form
+ all the self-care video recommendations from the last months
+ starting the 2nd month of the program: 3 mini-courses from the last months (10€ value each one)
+ starting the 3rd month of the program: all the mini-courses from the last months (10€ value each one). We have more than 20 for now. You can always access them at no additional cost as long as you stay in the program
You will get a PDF (95KB) file

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